Pros And Cons Of Granite Flooring

If you are planning to upgrade your flooring to something more sophisticated and classy, then granite could come to your mind. Granite is considered to be one of the classiest and sophisticated flooring materials. Hence, before you start visiting the various stores in and around Phoenix for choosing the right color and design of granite flooring materials, you must spend some time going through this article. We will have a look at the pros and cons of granite flooring so that you are able to take the right decision based on information and facts rather than being guided by opinions, hearsays, and half-truths.

When people think about granite flooring, they perhaps are referring to granite tile. These tiles are made by the processing of volcanic igneous rocks. The process takes centuries and when it is fully formed it starts to have a smooth surface. It is the smoothing process that makes granite slabs in Phoenix AZ so very special and unique. It has a hidden beauty that is perhaps not to be seen in other types of flooring materials. While beauty is one of the biggest reasons for buying granite flooring, there are other benefits also that we must always keep in mind. 


We are sharing some of the most common, proven and time-tested advantages of granite floors.

It is family friendly. Customers who have used granite are of the opinion that granite flooring and granite countertops are considered to be one of the best for homes.  They are not only good looking but are also extremely durable and long lasting. if you have children and pets in your home, you can be sure about spillages and other such problems. Though granite does attract stain and dirt, the cleaning process is much simpler and surer when compared to other types of floors.

It Is Long Lasting And Durable

If you are looking for bathroom sinks Phoenix AZ that combines the best of looks with durability, then there is no denying the fact that granite could be one of the best choices. It has a long life and you can be sure that it will be with you for a lifetime and you also can pass it on to your next generations.  It is scratch resistant and therefore you need not to bother about damages caused to the flooring surface when using cookware or knives. It also can withstand scratches from pet dogs and cats and therefore it is considered the automatic choice for homes where there are pets and children.

It Is Good For Wet Areas

Many homeowners in Phoenix choose granite as the option for wet areas. It is resistant to water and moisture and it will granite will not allow water to penetrate inside and damage the subfloor. It is one of the few flooring materials that are impregnable to almost any kind of liquid. Even if you have standing liquid will not harm the floor.

It Is Hypoallergenic 

If you have family members suffering from bronchitis, asthma and other problems than granite flooring could be the best choice.



  •    It is expensive.
  •    It takes time and also costs big money to install it.
  •    It requires regular cleaning and maintenance.
  •    Updating and changing flooring might be an expensive proposition.


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